'You Have My Heart' Standing Silvered Brass Keepsake

'You Have My Heart' Standing Silvered Brass Keepsake

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A lovely sentiment for someone very special.

An original piece in a handmade frame. The border is printed on FSC-accredited 280gsm matt art board and hand finished in colour and gold and silver metallic paint. The greeting is drawn directly into the border in black watercolour paint.

The finished piece is delicate and dainty. It will look charming displayed on a shelf or a mantelpiece or bedside the bed alongside your treasures.

The frame comes in a chocolate brown kraft box, 9 x 9cm.

Material: Silvered Brass, Glass
Height: 8cm
Frame measurements: 8 x 8cm

Please note, the design has been boosted just a tad to show clearly on different screens and devices.

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