Personalised Artwork

There are 3 collections of art prints and a set of keepsakes which can be personalised exclusively available on Not On The High Street

This is set of 6 six calligraphy style designs celebrating Love, Friendship, Ceremonies and Special Occasions.


This is a set of 6 Letterpress style decorative names for individuals, double names for couples, siblings or twins and families of 3-6.

Celebrating our pets is becoming increasingly popular. Pets are more than just pets, they are important members of our families. Acknowledge them and the roles they play with us with their very own personalised and hand finished art print!

This is a set of 4 designs celebrating friendship in all its forms. Whether it's showing a friend what they mean to you, thanking your best man or best friends, celebrating your grandparents.

There are 3 designs on the theme of love and friendship. These can be personalised with either a secret message inside the keepsake or visible on the back.