International shipping & Coronavirus info

International shipping is now available!
The shipping rates cover the regions and countries listed below. These are flat rates for orders from £25-£165 and the shipping cost will be added at checkout.

If your country or region is not listed below, do get in touch for shipping costs.

Countries and regions currently available for shipping for 200g-1.50kg
Australia & New Zealand
180-500g - £15
501g-1.2kg - £19

180-500g - £11
501g-1.2kg - £13.50

180-500g - £11
501g-1.2kg - £13.50

180-500g - £13
501g-1.2kg - £18.50

Coronavirus information

It's business as usual during these very difficult and uncertain times. Royal Mail, local and international postal services are endeavouring to deliver our post as speedily as possible. However, due to staff shortages caused by the Coronavirus, some deliveries could take longer.

Your patience is appreciated as your expected delivery date may be difficult to achieve in some instances. Please get in touch HERE if you require any assistance.