PG Live 7-8th June

PG Live

In a slightly mad moment on Christmas Eve last year, I booked a stand at PG Live a trade show dedicated to greeting cards and stationery. This is my first trade show for 7 years - slightly daunting to say the least!

Then in January I started the re-design of all the existing designs and a design of new work all of which I’m taking to PG Live. Now I’m on a completely insane marathon to finish everything as we set up on the 5th June and the show is on the 7-8th June.

I create all my work by hand using traditional methods of illustration and modern calligraphy; old dip pens, Indian ink, watercolours, crayons, pencil. Some of the brushes I’ve had since college and are now so tatty, but I still use them. My inspiration is taken the natural world and the magical romantic space of an overgrown garden.

I’m in the Village Green, Stand 112. For all show details, please visit @pglivelondon or just ping me a message.

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