Or in other words, Black Friday Cyber Monday.

I have decided not to get involved despite the allure of huge sales, massive rise in profits, volumes of traffic to my website. I did consider participating and actually set aside some products, worked out the discounts and started to prepare. Then I looked at the cost to me as a very small business of offering attractive discounts on my products.

I design all the artwork myself by hand using traditional methods of illustration, modern calligraphy and lettering; a variety of lovely old dip pens, Japanese reed pens, water colour paints, pure gold leaf and gold paint. Some of the products I sell are original pieces, some are printed, some of the frames are hand made as are the travel journals.

To discount these, I feel would devalue my work and what I'm endeavouring to create as a designer/maker. It would also devalue the work of those artisans who hand make the frames and journals. This is not to be arrogant or big headed. It partly boils down to the fact that I would lose money, but also, and however difficult I find this, I have to value my work. If I sell it off cheap, what I am saying about my business and what I create? 

So BFCM, thank you for asking me to get involved. However as attractive as your offer looks on the outside, I feel I must decline.

Many thanks

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